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Don’t Forget The Dads: Shows The Beauty Of Fatherhood

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    2017-5-15 01:40
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    We hear so much about the incredible selflessness and love of mothers that sometimes we tend to forget other, equally important person in child life - dad.

    This Instagram account celebrates fatherhood by sharing adorable images and stories about dads, their love and their impact on the little ones.

    The idea behind the account is not only to showcase the beauty of fatherly love, but also to encourage all fathers to be involved in the lives of kids from a really young age. "I don't babysit, I parent." And this is exactly what every one of these amazing men does.

    A Very Cool Photo Of A Woman Pulling While She Pushes.jpg

    All He Wanted Was To Take Her Pain Away, Even If Just For A Minute.jpg

    Always Make Sure That My Boy Is Always Laughing And Smiling Making The Best Of E.jpg

    and My Heart Melted Into A Puddle.jpg

    Bathtime. When Everything Is New.jpg

    Because Dads Are Born Too, And Magic Happens In That Moment.jpg

    Being The Cool Dad That He Is. This Is What The Weekend And Holidays Are For....jpg

    Birth Is Intense Like Love. You Are Her Rock, Her Support, Her Advocate, Her Big.jpg

    Brand New.jpg

    Can We Go Back To 9 Days Ago When My Heart Grew A Million Times Over.jpg

    Catching His Baby Like His Father Caught Him... Now This Is A Rocking Dad!.jpg

    Cluster Feeding Baby doing Whatever It Takes To Give Mummy A 20-minute Break.jpg

    Daddy And His Girls.jpg

    Daddy-ing Like A Boss.jpg

    Everything About This Is Just Amazing. And Those Little Hands Holding On To Each.jpg

    Everything Is Way More Magical When Dad Is Around. Especially Smashing Snowballs!.jpg


    Farewell To My Well-Crafted Tough Guy Persona... And To Think I Was In A Swedish.jpg

    Father And Son In A Flower Milk Bath. Daddy Was So Proud To Do This With His Son.jpg

    Fatherhood Is Sexy. Be Present, Enjoy The Moments, Feel Gratitude And Soak In Th.jpg

    Goodnight Friends.jpg


    Home. Resting And Transitioning Into This Wonderful Life Of Parenthood!.jpg

    I Got You Babe.jpg

    It Was Like Riding Waves Of An Ocean.jpg

    Just Wow. What A Moment For This New Dad, For Mom, And For The Doctor. This Is W.jpg

    Life Is A Balance Of Holding On And Letting Go, - Rumi.jpg

    Love At First Sight.jpg

    Mini-me Status On Point.jpg

    Mom Was Nursing Babe When I Got There. Dad Got His Turn During The Session.jpg

    My Amazing Little Boy Truly Fills My Heart With Joy And Laughter Every Single Mi.jpg

    No Words Needed.jpg

    One Day He Knelt To Ask Her To Marry Him, Today He Kneels To Offer Her Support A.jpg

    Prepping For When Mommy Goes Back To Work!.jpg

    Real, Honest, & Beautiful Dad Life Captured By.jpg

    Refuelling And Dad-ing At The Same Time.jpg

    She Snoozed Right Through Her First Hike Up The Mountain!.jpg

    Shower Time With Dad This Morning.jpg

    Skin To Skin Promote And Helps Bonding And Love And Is For Dads Too.jpg

    Skin To Skin With Daddy.jpg

    Sleeping Beauties.jpg

    Snuck In A Picture Of These Two.jpg

    Snuggly Love.jpg

    So, What If, Instead Of Thinking About Solving Your Whole Life, You Just Think A.jpg


    Sweet And Colorful Dreams.jpg

    Sweet Dreams Friends.jpg

    Sweet Dreams.jpg

    Sweet Dreams2.jpg

    Sweet Girl Had Her First Bathtub Experience Tonight. She Was So Calm Laying Ther.jpg

    That Gaze. Sigh.jpg

    That Moment When You Realize That You Did It And Your Baby Is Here!.jpg

    That Scrunchy Face!.jpg

    The Cute Factor Is Out Of This World.jpg

    The Entire Universe Conspired To Help Me Find You.jpg

    The Feeling When You Hold Your First Daughter For The Very First Time.jpg

    The Hardest Part Of Every Day Is Leaving My Little Man!.jpg

    The Peace. The Breath. The Intimacy Of Birth.jpg

    The Realness Of This. P.s. His Wife Was Right There Ensuring Everyone Was Safe.jpg

    There Are Few Things That Just Completely Stop Me In My Tracks And Absolutely Awe Me.jpg

    There Are Moments You Can Feel How The Universe Aligned Everything For.jpg

    There Are Times In Fatherhood (and Motherhood) Where You Will Simply Lose Your Shit.jpg

    These Little Ones Are Great Teachers Of Staying In The Present. Wander Off For A.jpg

    These Sleepless Nights Have Been Completely Worth It....jpg

    This Dad Was Overcome With Emotion After Catching His Son. This Is The Best Life.jpg

    This Is A Story About A Mom And A Dad Who Went Through Loss And Persistence To G.jpg

    This Is Everything.jpg

    This Man Deserves So Much Appreciation.jpg

    This May Be The Sweetest Cradle Hold We Have Ever Seen.jpg

    This Moment Is Everything. This Moment Is Why Birth Photography Exists.jpg

    This Moment Is Everything. This Moment Is Why Birth Photography Exists2.jpg

    This Moment... Incredible.jpg

    Totally A Dad Thing. But Those Baby Rolls Are Amazing.jpg

    We Lead And Teach Our Children Most By Our Example And Time Spent With Them.jpg

    We Need More Dads Like This... Dads Who Teach Their Girls What Love Is.jpg

    We Welcomed Our Beautiful 3rd Baby Boy Into The World. A 4 Hour Hard And Beautif.jpg

    What’s The One Piece Of Relationship Advice You Would Give To New Parents.jpg

    When Birthday Weekends Now Look Like This.jpg

    When Your Heart Fits In Your Hands.jpg

    When Your Selfie Game Reaches Max Level Because... This.jpg

    Wow! What A Moment! You Can See His Smile Through His Kiss. Everything About Thi.jpg

    Wow. Hours Old And Already Lifting Her Head Up High To Get A Good Look At Her Daddy!.jpg


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